XimpleWare is a provider of next-generation XML processing solutions for Service Oriented Enterprises. Our mission is to help businesses and enterprises world-wide accelerate the adoption of SOA (Service Oriented Architecture), one XML message at a time. We are  privately held and located in Silicon Valley.

Our product/technology is protected by US patents 7133857 , 7260652, and 7761459.

 Is your ESB running too slow? Want to turbo-charge XML gateways/appliances?  How about cutting your application latency by 100x? With VTD-XML, you will look no further!

 As discovered by Fortune 2000 companies around the world, VTD-XML vastly and reliably improves the performance of your SOA applications. It takes 10 minutes to verify the performance claim.

 VTD-XML is also portable to custom hardware to achieve multi-Giga bit performance.

  Interested in licensing VTD-XML?. Please email us for more details. Due to increased request for our product, please state your company name, type of license, and product details in order for us to prioritize our response.


A little about our technology

A Demo (Java Applet)   Introduce VTD (Virtual Token Descriptor)

To download our Java API (licensed under GPL), please go to http://vtd-xml.sf.net/

API Document (We are continuously making improvements)

XML on a Chip?

Some preliminary benchmark results: 1 2 3 4 (Some info is subject to change)

Our position paper (for W3C workshop on binary XML 09/2003)

We would like to know your thoughts.

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